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Our tips for your successful application

Tips for your application

Are you interested in working for POLIS Immobilien AG? We look forward to receiving your application! The following application tips will give you the best prospects of a successful application process with us.

The complete application folder

Your application should consist of a cover letter, CV and relevant certificates. All application materials should be submitted together in a PDF file for ease of use. If you would like to submit more than one document, please send an e-mail to instead of using the contact form. If you have any questions regarding the application process, we will also be happy to help you via this mailbox.

Cover letter

The letter should ideally not contain more than one A4 page and give us an idea of why you would like to be part of POLIS. We are interested in your previous work experience and why you think that you qualify for the desired position. In particular, we want the cover letter to give us an idea of your motivation and personality. Please avoid phrases or copies from sample letters, because individuality pays off. Make sure your spelling is correct as well.

Curriculum vitae (CV)

Your curriculum vitae should be well structured and concise. Focus primarily on the information that is relevant to the desired position. We would also like to form an accurate impression of your previous professional experience. Describe in a nutshell your previous tasks and responsibilities. The CV should be focused on the most important matters and should not exceed two A4 pages. Would you would like to tell us more about you? Refer to your profiles on XING or LinkedIn, for example.


Your credentials and certificates should be relevant to your intended job. Work references, proof of internships and diplomas for your education are of especial interest to us. Make sure that scanned documents are legible.

Application photo

 A job application photo gives us a first impression of you and it should appear sympathetic and competent. A photo is not a must. However, if you decide to include one, it should be done professionally. The best way to do this is to go to a photographer to get the best possible result.

Tips for your job interview

The purpose of a job interview is first and foremost so that we can get to know each other. You should use this opportunity to convince us that you are suitable for the job. At the same time, we want to try to convince you that POLIS is the right employer for you.

Prepare for the interview by considering which specific tasks you have already completed and to what extent this experience will ideally prepare you for the position to have. Of course, we would also like to learn more about your personality. So think about what makes you and what qualities you bring. We know that a job interview is a stressful situation and it’s normal to be nervous. Therefore, rather than evaluating individual statements we look at overall impression of the conversation.

In addition, you should, of course, familiarize yourself with the POLIS. We look forward to your queries, because they indicate your interest and give you the opportunity to get to know us better. Finally, we want to find out in this conversation if we suit each other.