Acquisition and sale

Commercial real estate - the current investment criteria


for the purchase of commercial real estate by POLIS Immobilien AG

POLIS Immobilien AG is looking for the following real estate products for its own portfolio:

1. General investment criteria

  • Office buildings and commercial buildings in Germany
  • Existing properties, possibly also those whose short-term completion is ensured
  • Real estate in good inner city locations (established office locations) or excellent secondary locations
  • Individual property volume EUR 10 million to EUR 100 million
  • No or subordinate residential use
  • No shopping centres in part ownership under German Condominium Act (WEG)
  • No operator properties (theme parks, retirement and nursing homes, etc.)

2. Investment categories

Leased objects (A, B, C cities)

  • Preferably a tenant mix (“multi-tenant”) with regard to space and term
  • Lease agreements with tenants with impeccable creditworthiness
  • Mid-term and long-term development potential

Modernization properties/development (A cities)

  • Tangible development potential (e.g .by eliminating vacancies, short remaining terms of leases, changing the rental concept, repurposing, supplementing, scope for expansion, rent increase potential, need for architectural and technical modernization measures, complete revitalization, etc.)


  • Predominantly in inner-city locations with office/retail use
  • Short term and medium-term development potential

3. Locations

  • Berlin
  • Potsdam
  • Düsseldorf
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Dresden
  • Leipzig
  • Hanover
  • Bonn
  • Magdeburg
  • Halle
  • Erfurt
  • Jena
  • Chemnitz
  • Rostock
  • Nuremberg

Please send your offer to

POLIS Immobilien AG
Mr. Dipl.-Kfm. Volker Hahn
Member of the Board of Management
Lietzenburger Str. 46
10789 Berlin
Phone +49 30 225 00 – 250 / – 270

All offers are treated confidentially and are only used for the examination of own investment opportunities of POLIS Immobilien AG. For broker offers, we assume that the broker has been mandated by the owner. A brokerage contract is only concluded if it is confirmed by us in writing. Offers without traceable particulars – in particular without addresses– will not be examined.

PDF-download of Investment Criteria

Your contact to us

Volker   Hahn

Authorized Signatory, Head of Acquisitions and Letting