POLIS expands e-charging infrastructure in its own property portfolio

POLIS has put eight e-charging points from the manufacturer Compleo into operation at its Lietzenburger Strasse site in Berlin.

The pilot project is the starting point for the gradual expansion of the e-charging infrastructure at suitable locations in the POLIS property portfolio and pursues the goal of making a proactive contribution to the implementation in the mobility transition. The operator of the charging points is GLS Bank, which also provides the giro-e payment system for charging processes.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Dr Michael Piontek comments: “The high-quality charging points that have been created, Compleo’s comprehensive know-how and the innovative service and operation by GLS Bank already make the project a great success for us. A big thank you goes to our cooperation partners, with whom we also want to expand further.”

Compleo’s Co-CEO Georg Griesemann, says: “Electromobility is experiencing strong growth, which makes it all the more important to create an efficient charging infrastructure. Electric cars will only catch on if people have the opportunity to recharge their cars at their workplace in addition to public charging stations. We are therefore particularly pleased about the cooperation with POLIS Immobilien AG.”

Uwe Nehrkorn, technical head of mobility at GLS Bank, says: “Giro-e offers a very simple and secure payment process for charging stations. At POLIS, parking space tenants use a personal chip card (RFID) for the charging process. At public or rent-free charging stations, a charging process can be activated without prior registration using any of the current 100 million contactless Giro cards in Germany.

The current guest article “E-Mobility: A Topic for Real Estate Companies” by Andreas Kindt, board advisor and project manager for electromobility and sustainability, was also published about the pilot project.