POLIS young talent acquiring international experience

Dennis Becken is returning to Berlin from Dublin. As part of his dual training as a real estate agent, POLIS helped him gain a very special insight into the profession. He was given an assignment to Dublin as a young professional.

Dennis Becken (photo, centre) completed a six-week internship at the real estate manager and agent MoveHome. He was soon able to overcome the language barrier and acquired experience in residential sales, lettings and commercial property business. He accompanied the MoveHome team on viewings and learned about Dublin’s real estate market, but also about its history.

He soon became a familiar face in the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and fulfilled appointments for MoveHome.

A brief journal about his time in Dublin and the welcoming team at MoveHome can be viewed at https://spark.adobe.com/page/qyLIKu1KbGtlj/.

POLIS is delighted to see welcome its trainee back from a successful and enriching internship.